Thundermax ECM W/Auto Tune System - 02-13 V-Rod - 309-466


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  • Includes ThunderMax ECM with Auto-Tune Module, plug-in harness and two wide-band sensors, TMax software and communication USB cable, Quick-Start Easy Install and Comprehensive User's Manual, technical support and free software and updates
  • Hundreds of maps available to download for your bike (based on model, engine size, exhaust system air cleaner, pistons, cams, etc.) - load the map of your choice and the integral auto-tune will do the rest
  • Software program allows live monitoring, recording and examination of diagnostic codes and datalogs including number of starts, engine temperature and rpm operation
  • Utilizes wide-band O² sensors and works as a closed-loop control system to continuously self-adjust and properly tune the motorcycle's air/fuel ratio for all riding conditions
  • ThunderMax ECM with Auto-Tune module mounts conveniently in place of the factory ECM and plugs in to the existing harness
  • Easy installation: replace the factory ECM, install new O² sensors and harness, load the correct map for your bike, and ride
  • New maps, software, firmware updates, map analysis and tech support available online at no charge
  • Adjustable front and rear cylinder AFR maps, ignition timing (spark) maps, and startup maps
  • Works with all popular exhaust systems and is compatible with high-performance camshafts
  • Rider can adjust idle speed, rev limit and speedometer calibration
  • Improves throttle response, exhaust sound and driveability
  • Supports turbo, nitrous and supercharger applications
  • Does not require dyno tuning
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Because of possible clearance issues, some aftermarket exhaust systems may require modifications or relocation of their O² sensor port bungs.


2012 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special 10th Anniversary Edition VRSCDX - -
2009-2015 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle VRSCF - -
2007-2015 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special VRSCDX - -
2007 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Screamin' Eagle Tribute VRSCX - -
2007 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCAW - -
2006-2008 Harley-Davidson Night Rod VRSCD - -
2006-2007 Harley-Davidson Street Rod VRSCR - -
2004-2006 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA - -
2004-2005 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCB - -
2002-2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA - -
Thundermax ECM W/Auto Tune System - 02-13 V-Rod - 309-466

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