About Us


Who we are?

Tucker Speed was established in November 2014 after Tony Tucker had spent years working as a motorcycle technician at a dealership. “The time was right for me to move out on my own,” he said. “I had a loyal customer base that trusted me with their bikes and owning my own shop was something I had always dreamed of.” “The legacy of service and hard work that have been passed down through my family are really important. We believe in treating customers well, doing our best work always, and providing services that are beyond basic maintenance”.

What we are About?

Here at Tucker Speed we love all things performance. We specialize in taking your Harley Davidson motorcycle to the next level. Everything from performance motor builds, dyno tuning, suspension, brakes and any other upgrade that will make you go faster, handle better and stop on a dime. That’s what we are about. All things “PERFORMANCE”.

What we can do for you?

We are continuing to grow our business to help out fellow performance junkies in any way we can. Our shop is located in Ogden, UT so if you choose to, you can drop your bike with us and when we give it back you will have a bike that will turn heads and drop panties. Or if you are a DIY’er, We are continuing to grow our online catalog to help you with all the industries leading performance parts from the top of the line brands who are pushing the boundaries on what the Harley Davidson Motorcycle has always been.