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Feuling Tappets Race, Fits 99-17 Twin Cam


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For 99-17 Twin Cam, 00-19 XL/XR 1200, 00-09 Buell. RACE SERIES® HYDRAULIC LIFTERS. Standard. Full-travel hydraulic lifters made from machined steel. Exceed the needs of large-lift camshafts and higher spring pressures with a slower bleed-down rate. Maintain proper and critical oil flow to valves, springs, rockers, shafts and valve guides. Increase engine rpm and valvetrain stability; decreases valve float for maximum valve lift. Available in oversize diameters. Recommended for both strip and performance street engines. Sold in a set of four. Made in the U.S.A.. NOTE: High-volume oil pump recommended. NOTE: Recommended for engines running higher than 185 lb. valve spring seat pressure. - Part Number - 0929-0007