Drag Specialties Rear Drive Belt 20mm 132T, Fits 07-17 FLST/ FXST/ FXCW


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20MM 132T REAR DRIVE BELT. Carbon fiber reinforced Goodyear engineered Falcon SPC belts offer uo to 33% more tensile strengththan conventional aramid reinforced belts. High temperature rubber compund offers excellent flex and long service life. Fabric reinforced belt tooth surfaces improve wear resistance. Durable material construction is designed to withstand belt-penetrating debris without breaking. Made in the U.S.A.. NOTE: No warranty claims are made or implied. - Part Number - 1204-0049

Fits 07-17 FLST/ FXST/ FXCW.

Rear Drive Belt - Drag Specialties - Belts (4598674554957)

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