La Choppers Passenger Floorboard Short Comfort Kit, Fit 99-09 FL


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For 99-09 FLT/FLHT/FLHR/FLTR models. Provides two additional floorboard positions with blocks and three positions for the floorboards, five positions total both up and down. Approximately 11/4" to 2" higher than the highest stock setting. The tilted position places the floorboards at an ergonomic plane relieving stress in the legs and calves. This tilted position also allows the passenger to push into the boards when cornering, which provides a more secure feeling. Provides two additional spacing widths to add additional comfort by placing the floorboards wider apart. The wider position allows passengers to relax their lower body, which takes pressure off of the inner thighs, knees and lower back. Made in the U.S.A. - Part Number - 1621-0245

Passenger Floorboard Short Comfort Kits - La Choppers - Footboards (4598865723469)

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