Fab28 Pan American Slip-On Exhaust System


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This is our bespoke exhaust system for the Harley Davidson Pan America line of motorcycles. The Pan Americas are awesome adventure bikes, but their stock exhaust system leaves so much sound and performance on the table. Our slip-on exhaust system will give your Pan America a free flowing muffler section that eliminates the restrictive resonator box, while maintaining a level of fit and finish that is on par or better than what Harley Davidson delivered from the factory! Experience adventure with your Pan America the way you are supposed to with a FAB28 exhaust.

  • Fits Pan Americas 2021 - present
  • 2.5" inlet tubing / 3.5" stainless steel canister style muffler body
For Pan-Americas 2021 and newer

Current production lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Black ceramic requires an additional two week turn time.


From idle to redline, FAB28 Industries is committed to providing a sound that stands out from the crowd. Our exhausts sound unlike anything else on the road thanks to our proprietary designs, countless hours of R&D, and our commitment to quality. But, great sound without great performance is just a gimmick, and we don't do gimmicks. Our free flowing exhausts have essentially none of the restrictive qualities of stock systems. The result? We've see gains of up to 8% over stock exhaust systems after installing a FAB28 exhaust!

All of our exhausts are constructed from the highest quality 304 stainless steel 16 gauge tubing to ensure that you can run your motorcycle like it was meant to be run. Our entire slip-on system for the Harley Pan America is fabricated in our California shop and then carefully assembled by hand and welded by experts to ensure proper fitment. This means that every exhaust that we make is hand inspected to ensure that it meets the high quality standards that we are known for. We designed our Pan America exhausts with one goal in mind, to experience adventure the visceral way it was meant to be. 

We source all of our steel from within the United States so you can be sure that the metal being used to fabricate your exhaust is of the quality you expect. Every FAB28 exhaust system is tailor made to fit each bike and its characteristics. Therefore, we do not recommend installing FAB28 systems on bikes they are not intended for. 



  • Domestically sourced 304 stainless steel tubing
  • 16 gauge thickness for increased durability
  • 100% of machining and fabrication done in-house
  • Back purged welding
  • Dyno proven performance
  • Easy slip-on installation

Fab28 Pan American Slip-On Exhaust System
Fab28 Pan American Slip-On Exhaust System
Fab28 Pan American Slip-On Exhaust System

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