Feuling Cam Gear Drive Installation Kit, Fits 99-06 Twin Cam (except 06 Dyna)


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For all 99-06 Twin Cam (except 06 Dyna Glide). CAMSHAFT INSTALLATION KITS. Gear drive installation. Now available in two kit styles: standard and plus. Each kit includes cam plate roller bearings, Koyo Torrington® full roller inner needle bearings, 12-point ARP® camshaft and crankshaft bolts, ARP® fastener moly paste and Loctite® compound and hardened washers. Gaskets include copper exhaust gaskets, cam cover, lifter blocks, pushrod tube and cam plate O-rings. Plus kits include rocker box cover and breather gaskets, breather elements, umbrella valves and O-rings. Quick change kits include needed gaskets, O-rings, and washers to install bolt-in camshafts. Quick change and top end kits include needed components to install high lift camshafts which require removal of the cylinder heads for high lift valve springs. Made in the U.S.A. - Part Number - 0925-0434

Cam Kit Install 99-06Gear - Feuling Oil Pump Corp. - Install & Hardware Kits (4598697132109)

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