Feuling Cam Kit 521 Race Series, Fits 17-19 M-Eight


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For 17-19 M-Eight. RACE SERIES® 521 CHAIN DRIVE CAMSHAFT KITS FOR M-EIGHT. Include camshafts, lifters and a cam installation kit that includes the cam bearing, cam/crank hardware. Kit also includes gasket/O-ring kit that allows installation of Feuling Heavy-Duty HP+ .0165" wall one-piece pushrods or factory one-piece pushrods. Includes Race Series®? lifters. NOTE: Due to the unstable nature of this 4-valve engine design with one rocker arm activating two valve springs, Feuling highly recommends running one-piece pushrods over quick-install adjustable pushrods to maintain maximum cam/valve lift and reduce valvetrain harmonics and associated hydraulic lifter issues. NOTE: Feuling fastener kit PART #2401-0994 also highly recommended to help prevent cylinder head cracking; kit replaces the rocker shaft bolts with studs and nuts to help reduce the stress of the rocker shaft standoffs. - Part Number - 0925-1211

Cam Kit 521 Race 17-19 M8 - Feuling Oil Pump Corp. - Cams & Camplates (4598679142477)

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