Dynojet Power Vision 4 - PV4-15-03 - 21 & Newer Touring / Softail


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PV4-15-03 : Fits all CAN ECM Harley-Davidson Models Including:

  • 2021-Up Softail
  • 2021-Up Touring


The Power Vision 4 from Dynojet Research Inc. combined with your phone puts you in control and unlocks your bike's hidden potential. Gain access to hundreds of different tunes for various aftermarket components and easily flashing any of them to your bike's ECU. Need to tune another bike? No problem. Licensing additional vehicles can be performed right from the app. Unbelievably quick and easy to use, Power Vision puts you in control of your ultimate ride. Custom tuning is supported by the vast network of experienced Dynojet Authorized Tuning Centers.


Flash performance-enhancing tunes to your motorcycle with Dynojet's easy to use Power Vision 4 tuning device.

- Easily Flash Tune your ECU from the Phone App
- License & Tune Multiple Vehicles

- Bluetooth Connectivity (Apple & Android) 

- Plug and Play Installation
- Instant Access to Dynojet's tune database
- Data & Diagnostics

* Tunes available for PV4 include:

- Stage 1 (stock improved)

- Stage 2 (Slip-On Exhaust + High Flow Intake)

- Stage 3 (Full Exhaust + High Flow Intake)



  • Flash tunes to your ECU via bluetooth - no setup required, just create an account, select your tune, flash, and enjoy the Ultimate Ride.
  • Access to a vast database of pre-loaded tunes for different configurations
  • Easily download and manage pre-loaded custom tunes
  • Record real-time engine data and display in WinPEP 8 Data Center
  • Optimized for remote-tuning. Easily ride, record, and share data logs tunes
  • Read, review, clear, and share diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) with built-in descriptions
  • Supports licensing additional vehicles
  • Return to stock at any time - your original, factory tune is safely backed up on the cloud and on your phone

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