The 1st Annual Intermountain V-Twin Campout!

The 1st ever Intermountain V-Twin Campout is almost here! 


What: We are partnering up with our friends at Blakline Speed Shop, Hoggish Cycles, Saxmedia and Law Tigers to bring the Utah motorcycle scene together for one huge campout. We wanted to all work together to create a one-of-a-kind event where everyone can get out, ride, party and camp with some of Utah's heavy hitters in the motorcycle scene. This is not a for-profit event, you won't see any of us setting up booths or sitting under a canopy all day selling parts and merchandise. We will be taking it back to our roots with a good old fashioned biker party so we can all remember why we do this in the first place and help newcomers discover the same love for riding and the motorcycle scene that we all share. Come ride, hang out, camp and party with the guys from Utah's top motorcycle shops!

When: June 2-4, 2023. There will be group rides hosted at our shop, Blakline Speed Shop, and Hoggish cycles on Friday the 2nd for anyone who wants to roll up to the campout with us. We will be heading out to the campout early Friday afternoon (stay tuned for exact times and locations). Saturday, there will be a big group ride, or everyone is welcome to find their own rides, stay at camp and hang out, do whatever you want! Saturday evening we will meet back up at camp for some biker rodeo games and one hell of a party!

Where: Flaming Gorge. We will be camping just over the border on the Wyoming side of the lake, but very close to Manila, UT. We will be releasing the exact location and coordinates a day or two before the campout. The campsite is pretty typical of Wyoming, lots of dirt, sagebrush and small bushes. There isn't much as far as trees or shade, but we are very close to the water and we are planning on bringing a bunch of canopies and picnic tables so there will be plenty of room for everyone to hang out. That being said, there won't be many trees to hang your hammock so plan accordingly and bring a small tent or something else to sleep in. 

Amenities: We will have some food on site for purchase, but there is also a grocery store, diner, bar and a gas station all within about a 10-20 minute ride from camp. We plan on bringing some water and basic supplies, but encourage everyone to try to pack everything you think you'll need for the weekend. BYOB. We are hoping to have some toilets on site, but there is also a restroom nearby at the boat ramp if needed. 

Support The Campout: Earlier I said this is not a for-profit event, and it's not, but it does cost money to put something like this together. To help offset that cost, and also to help commemorate the event we are selling limited edition campout t-shirts! If you want something to help remember the event and want to help support the cause you can pick up your shirt at the link below. All proceeds will go towards the campout and any left over will be put back into next year's event. We are printing a small run of shirts, limited to the first 100 people so if you want one, jump on while you can!

Campout T-Shirt Pre-Order

 Pre-Party: We will be hosting a pre-party on Wednesday May 31st, 7:00 PM at the Rainbow Saloon in Roy, UT. Come hang out with us, have a beer, maybe even find a group to ride out with. We will also have campout t-shirts available to pickup at the pre-party.

More Info: Check out the podcast episode we did on the campout to get some more info, and hear a little more about how this all came together and why we are putting on this event. If you don't want to watch the YouTube video, the podcast is also available on all podcast platforms - just search "Built Different with Tucker Speed".

We hope to see you all there, and we hope that with your support we can keep growing this event and make this into something really special. The Utah motorcycle community deserves it. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns. You can hit us up on any of our social media platforms, or by email at



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