Campout Location Details!

The camp site has been secured and we finally have some location details for you guys!


Campsite Location Pin:

Google Maps -

Apple Maps -,%20Rock%20Springs,%20WY,%20United%20States&auid=6108975838308238250&ll=41.067551,-109.563317&lsp=7618&q=Dropped%20Pin


Directions from Manilla UT:

-From Manilla head northeast on the main highway (highway 43)

-Turn right on Anvil Draw road. There should be a sign that mentions Anvil Draw boat launch. This is a nice, hard packed dirt road. 

-Follow Anvil Draw Road down until you see the Law Tigers feather flag, turn right at that flag. 

-You will soon see another Law Tigers flag, turn right again. This is a smaller dirt road and there is one small hill you will have to go down but it should be easy no matter what bike you are on. Just go slow, take your time and you will make it no problem. 

-Continue following that road and it will take you right to the camp site. The camp site is marked with more Law Tigers flags. 


The campsite should be pretty easy to find, but just in case here are the GPS coordinates:

41.06743° N, 109.56332° W

There are some stores in Manilla in case anyone needs anything. There is a gas station, grocery/hardware store, a couple of small restaurants and a bar right at the Utah/Wyoming state line. All within about a 15 min ride from camp. 

Cell service at the camp site is spotty, but if anyone has any questions or gets lost, shoot us a message and we will do our best to help you out. The camp site will be easy to spot. 

If you are planning on riding out with us, we are meeting at Tucker Speed at 1:00 PM, kick stands up by 2:00 PM. 

Hope to see you all there!

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