Get Ready For Riding Season! Essential Bike Prep Checklist!

In this video, we walk you through all the essential things you need to check to make sure you bike is ready for riding season. Get your motorcycle prepped the right way and stay safe out on the road! This video is focused on Harley Davidson bikes but the process is similar no matter what kind of bike you ride. We hope this video helps! Hit us up if you have any questions or comments. 

We use the TCLOCS acronym from the MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation. TCLOCS is a great way to help you remember all of the essential items that you need to check to keep your bike in top shape and keep you safe out on the road. Here is a quick breakdown of the topics we discuss in the video:

T - Tires, wheels and brakes. Check the tire condition, tread depth, & wear. Check for weathering, foreign objects, bulges or abnormalities. Check your air pressure and set according to your manufacturer's recommendation. 

C - Controls. Check handlebars, levers, foot controls, cables, hoses and throttle. Ensure proper operation of all controls. 

L - Lighting & electronics. Check battery and charging system. Check all lights and turn signals for damaged or broken bulbs and ensure proper operation. Check for loose connections or damaged/fraying wires. 

O - Oil & other fluids. Check all fluid levels. Check service records and make sure your fluids are within their service life, change if needed. Look for any leaks. Check brake fluid and hydraulic clutch fluid if applicable. 

C - Chassis. Check your frame, suspension, final drive belt or chain. Check for damage, ensure proper adjustment. Clean and lube chain if applicable. Check all critical fasteners. 

S - Stands. Check your side or center stand for proper operation. No cracks or damage. Make sure spring or retention system is tight and functioning correctly. 


We hope this checklist helps you guys get your bikes dialed in for riding season. Let us know if you have any questions and stay safe out there! 

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